The story so far.. Site refresh Oct 2020.

Well where has the time gone, no seriously. We are just a mere couple of months away from 2021 and been dragged through a shit show of a year, including my Wedding having to be canceled due to Covid. Yeah that sucks.

Anyhow, welcome to my site and it’s work in progress refresh. This has been somewhat long in the coming bouncing between ideas, designs, themes, content but I’m going to start simple and build on top of that.

I’ve gone ahead and pulled all of my previous postings to rework them and post what’s important and just dump the rest.

I can’t promise much in the way of movement, I love the idea of running an active blog that I write into but the reality always comes back and I never get around to it. (Yeah no food pics from me, I only remember when I’m half way through).

So, it is what it is, I’ll contribute to this as and when I can, hopefully it’s useful to someone and it will be worth it.

I do however have a few interesting projects I’ve been working on in the background of which I’m eager to share with the world so keep an eye out for updates around that.