About Me

I love the open web, having been fascinated by the freedoms that it gives since I could afford my first PC back in 1999.

My interests really peaked when I first discovered WordPress, for someone who loved design and experience WordPress allowed me to hook up a front end to a user panel and start building sites for clubs, friends and family and then on to businesses.

I’ve now been doing this the best part of 13 years and genuinely it’s been a fantastic adventure backed by the huge ecosystem that allows WordPress to be anything for anyone.

During my time working with WordPress I’ve built themes & plugins, developed SMB sites, worked with optimisation and security and importantly developed a strong knowledge in the hosting field, even running a bespoke hosting company for a number of years specialising in Colocation/Rack Space up to the managed WordPress instance.

I’ve also launched communities in Motorsport, virtual and real-world, car clubs, and resource hubs.

I’m always seeking a new and exciting project to either develop or offer advice and guidance.

2020 for me was the year of personal growth to know my value and to focus on the future. I’m super interested to hear about any interesting projects you are working on and career development be that in the WordPress, Hosting or Product development fields.

  • Team building and growth
  • Culture creation within diverse teams
  • Team & individual training roadmaps and progression
  • Process optimisation
  • Startup foundation and growth
  • WordPress Development (inc PHP/HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Platform development & builds (inc Nginx, Kubernetes, Varnish, GCP, DO, Linode)
  • Excellent WordPress knowledge at the site level (plugins, themes, security and optimisation).
  • Extensive QA/Bug Identification & Tracking skills along with product ideas, mockups and solutions.
  • Highly motivated and driven to succeed.
  • Propelled by the notion to “Be good to each other”.
This Site

This site is running on WordPress with a custom theme called Clifton. It’s not available to download, but is based on the Mcluhan theme from the talented Anders Noren available for free from the WordPress repo.

Hosted upon the Ultrawp Managed WordPress service, caching handled by Fastly. Blazing Fast.


In areas on my site I do link to outside resources of which I have no control over, in the event one of these resources is no longer available I’ll try my best to keep those links updated.

You may also find I use custom redirection URLs to link to external resources, these may contain tracking/referral codes. I do however only link to things I genuinely find useful and helpful.

Rob James, Technical Lead - WPEngine